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Roofing SEO

Roofing is one of the most competitive industries in the world. With over 100,000 roofing businesses in the US, business owners need creative and aggressive sales and marketing strategies to remain afloat. As a roofing company in 2021, embracing technology is a must since more and more people hang out and search for services and products online. 

Over 80% of clients use search engines before buying a service or product. Moreover, Google records thousands of roofing-related searches every month. This alone is sufficient incentive for a roofing company to turn to the internet to boost growth and brand awareness. 

But while SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective method of increasing leads and conversions, it’s not a walk in the park. Successful SEO takes time and requires skill and expertise. 

RankForeSEO is a reputable roofing SEO company. We’ve been offering custom roofing SEO to roofing clients for years and have seen great success. Get in touch with us today for a professional and successful SEO service.


The Value of Roofing SEO

Inbound marketing strategies are designed to bring the clients to you. A roofing website is a great inbound machine, and roofing SEO is an effective inbound marketing strategy when done right. Below are some reasons we believe roofing SEO is perfect for your business.
While SEO takes time and money, it pays for itself in the revenue it helps your business generate in the long run.
A great lead is one that’ll generate a lot of revenue for your business and bring in recurring revenue. Depending on your keyword choice and targeting efforts, SEO can generate high traffic that is 90% closer to your loyal clientele. For instance, there’s a difference between cold calling local property owners and the owners searching ‘roofing repair company in Texas’ and ending up on your page. In the latter, the user is looking for a specific service that you offer. This is clear from their choice of words in the search engine.

Search engine optimized roofing sites and pages bring in quality leads for a long time. A single article might generate hundreds of hot leads in a month.  

With minor tweaks over time, your site can act like a large net catching your target audience in a specified region. 

Bear in mind that building an effective SEO site takes time. But once it gains traction, it has a huge snowball effect for brand awareness and reeling in new business for your roofing services and products.  

Our Process in Roofing SEO

RankForeSEO will evaluate your site’s SEO position, monitor, and improve your online footprint by making your site visible in search results and differentiating your brand from the sea of roofing services in your locale. We achieve this by:
  • We use quality tracking software to conduct digital marketing analysis and determine how your site compares to the top three competitors 
  • We identify top traffic driving and sales-generating roofing keywords and search terms in your target location
  • We determine a baseline for your site’s structure and code, content, visibility, and off-site citations and compare it to your direct competition to build an actionable and sales-driving plan
  • Install advanced call tracking and Google Analytics
  • Optimize your roofing site’s speed, security, and mobile-friendliness
  • Edit the site’s content and code and improve its structure in line with Google’s requirements
  • Create conversion rate optimization on different pages using buttons, navigation lines, and contact forms to give visitors a satisfactory experience 
  • We’ll publish well-written and targeted content designed to improve local search ranking and position your company as an authority.
  • We’ll create SEO optimized content assets like roofing videos and infographics
  • We’ll create content for digital assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Find and audit current citations on online directories like Facebook, Yelp, and more, including roofing specific directories
  • Optimize your GMB (Google My Business) page for your address, service area, map listing, phone number, and business hours 
  • Discover and monitor backlink opportunities and local citations to position you as an industry authority
  • Present revenue data in easy to grasp monthly reports on the result of the SEO campaign and what’s next
  • Offer reports on incoming calls and separately analyze tracked phone numbers for every marketing channel
  • Monitor SEO analytics daily and watch out for anomalies, penalties, and sales damaging events
  • We’ll track the progress of keyword rankings, calls, leads, and organic traffic
  • Monitor performance of keywords against your competition
  • Continually optimize your site and pivot the campaign for better performance over time 

Is SEO Better Than PPC?

Not it’s not.

We’ve seen SEO works perfectly with PPC rather than in place of it. The two marketing techniques support each other in generating organic results and attracting more traffic. However, paid results tend to generate more visibility. 

With that said, though PPC ads will generate traffic similar to organic traffic, the traffic generated doesn’t contain as many quality clicks. Our roofing PPC and SEO campaigns will get clients through the door, but you’ll have to seal the deal. 

Do You Need Roofing SEO?

Every industry needs a custom SEO strategy. Local roofers have different challenges from other businesses in the US. As such, you need a professional SEO company that understands roofing to offer your target market specialized care. Because of this, RankForeSEO stays on top of the latest trends in the roofing industry to help your business adapt to the target client’s ever-evolving expectations. 

Every industry offers unique SEO challenges that broad brush approaches cannot fix. At RankForeSeo, we provide unique and targeted campaigns for roofing contractors. We have served many roofing companies and have helped them rake in insane business. 

Let’s be part of your journey and roofing SEO success story. Contact us today for a quick consultation or site audit and after that, build a custom SEO solution perfect for your business.

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